Stephen “Stevewilldoit” Deleonardis is taking a new approach to content creation, treating X as the new YouTube. Stevewilldoits first X video has already hit 5 Million views within 24 hours.

Stevewilldoit’s drinking challenges and risky pranks have made him a popular figure in the content industry. From devouring big plates of fries to investing in cars and real estate, Stevewilldoit finds new ways to impress his fans.

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This time, he’s taking a unique approach of creating videos meant for YouTube but posting them on Elon Musk’s X, formerly known as Twitter. He’s calling it his “new YouTube channel.”

Stevewilldoits first X video goes viral

In a 17-minute long video, Stevewilldoit is seen hanging out with his friends, including Sketch. In one of the clips, he attends UFC 300 and promises that if Diego Lopes wins, he’ll get Sketch a Lamborghini.

Thanks to his viral videos, Sketch is often seen with popular gaming and gambling personalities, including Stevewilldoit, who, in his new video, gifted him a Rolex watch just because he “loves him.”

But that’s not all, staying true to his promise, Stevewilldoit surprised Sketch with a Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder.

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“I think you’re very special, and I’m glad to be friends with you. I love you. And this is your Lamborghini here,” Stevewilldoit said.

Stevewilldoit revealed that Sketch met him when he “really needed someone,” and the two instantly hit it off. He further expressed his desire to create more similar content and plans to “takeover X,” starting with a video featuring Sketch.

Stevewilldoits first X video has impressed fans, garnering 5 Million views within the first day.

Where does Stevewilldoit post now?

Stevewilldoit with a friend on Instagram
Credit: Stevewilldoit Instagram

After getting permanently banned from YouTube, Stevewilldoit has been posting short reels on Instagram with occasional streams on Rumble and Kick. On April 17, he announced his official comeback to long-form content on X, where he’ll post YouTube-style videos. 

Stevewilldoits first X video opens with “Welcome to my new YouTube channel,” even though this content is only available on his X and Rumble.

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Before sharing his first video, Stevewilldoit posted a confusing slogan on X: “Make YouTube great again with Twitter.” But it makes more sense now that he’s calling his X account his new YouTube channel. 

He’s also still upset over his YouTube channel ban, which, according to him, had zero strikes. In his video on X, the streamer said that YouTube was his everything.

“You know what they say: Go where you’re wanted and tolerated? That’s X,” Stevewilldoit said. 

Fans can watch his videos on X every other Tuesday at 8:30 PM EST.

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