Team Liquid has revealed a new Heritage apparel collection, featuring the iconic Team Liquid logo and classic colors to celebrate 20 years of excellence.

The collection includes four hoodies and three t-shirts in various styles and fabrics, each with a distinctive integration of Team Liquid’s signature horse design and colors with original cuts.

Similar to G2 Esports recently revealed branded face masks, the collection also includes two reversible face masks, one designed with the TL horse’s mane and the other with their slogan.

According to the product description in Team Liquid’s store, these masks are “FDA registered for use as a non N95 respirator face mask”.

The collection also focuses on sustainability through the use of recycled resources and solar energy, marking a new direction for Liquid apparel.

This is the first of several Team Liquid drops for summer 2020, so fans can look forward to more branded apparel.

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