Japanese cosmetics brand, Lovisia, is launching a make-up collection featuring Nintendo‘s classic video game character, Kirby, as a tribute to his 28th birthday this year.

The Pink Lush Kirby Cosmetic collection includes products such as eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks and to top it all off, a special mirror has been created to go with the collection’s overall theme.

Credit: Lawson Japan

With eight playable colors for each set, the eyeshadow palettes come in three varieties: Sweet Pink, Shiny Blue, and a limited edition one with lots of soft, pastel shades to choose from. A small, star-shaped mirror can be found inside all palettes, as well as two basic sponge-tip applicators.

Credit: PR Times Japan

Coming in an array of pink hues, each eyeshadow palette shows off Kirby in different designs.

Credit: PR Times Japan

Kirby’s Dream Land Eyeshadow palettes are available for JPY¥1,800 (US$17) each.

The Kirby-themed lipsticks don’t just come in great colors, they also offer users hydration. Each tube is filled with jojoba seed oil, hyaluronic acid, and royal jelly — ingredients that are sure to keep the dry lips at bay!

Credit: Lawson Japan

These lipsticks come in three pinks: beige, coral, and rose fit for different skin tones, styles, and moods. Kirby’s adorable face has been impressed on the surface of the lipsticks.

Screenshot by: Kristine Tuting/ ONE Esports

With different 3D designs engraved on each tube, the Kirby’s Dream Land Lipstick is priced at JPY¥1,000 (US$9) apiece.

Perfect to go with the collection is this compact mirror. It has been encased in a cute, rubber Kirby design, and can be transformed as a keychain for convenience.

Credit: Lawson Japan

Kirby’s Dreamland Rubber Mirror is available for JPY¥800 (US$7) separately.

The Pink Lush Kirby Cosmetic collection is available throughout popular stores in Japan such as Lawson and Don Quijote, but the eyeshadow palettes can only be bought at specialty stores ITS’DEMO and Village Vanguard and at the Kirby Cafe located near the Tokyo Skytree.

The full list of shops can be found here.

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