Gaming company Capcom has teamed up with apparel brand ASICS to produce some snazzy-looking Mega Man (or Rockman, for Japanese audiences) sneakers.

The shoe itself is a rework of ASICS’ GEL-BND model to the tee. While GEL-BNDs are usually lined with leather, the creators of this special edition opted for a glossy, plastic look to emulate the robot protagonist. ASICS even topped it off with a pixelated GEL logo on the heel.

Credit: Capcom and ASICS

The ASICS symbol is also pixelated to suit the retro, 8-bit video game look. Even the lace-holders on the tongue look a lot like the familiar health bars or power gauges from the game.

Completing the look are Mega Man/Rockman’s signature blue hues coating the entire shoe.

The left shoe features some Katakana on the tongue and sole. The tongue shows a translated version of ASICS while the sole’s writing roughly translates to “All bosses, no damage” — a term used in speedrunning games.

Although the sneakers go for a subtle and minimalist approach, ASICS has done a great job in bringing the appearance of Mega Man/Rockman to life in these kicks.

The Rockman x ASICS GEL-BND is now available at Japanese retailers for the price of JP¥12,000 (US$110).

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