Yes, it’s happening: Nikola “NiKo” Kovac has signed with G2 Esports in what the organization is calling “the biggest CS:GO signing in history.”

NiKo’s transfer from FaZe Clan is now complete, and he will be reuniting alongside his cousin Nemanja “huNter-” Kovac, who has often worn a jersey with the title, “NiKo’s cousin” on it. “Now, we’re bringing things a bit closer to home as we unite the dangerous Bosnian duo of huNter- and his cousin, NiKo, under the same banner,” said G2.

NiKo is often considered one of the best players to ever boot up CS:GO. He took bottom-tier teams to top-tier competitions early in his career. He then signed with mouseports in 2015, where he rose through the ranks and reached legendary CS:GO status. He later continued his career with FaZe Clan, which signed the CS:GO superstar in 2017.

And now, Niko will be making use of his CS:GO talents in helping G2 Esports perform in future tournaments. NiKo will also be joining another legend in the CS:GO scene in Kenny “kennyS” Schrub. NiKo and kennyS have won countless tournaments, and been awarded multiple MVP honors.

This move brings G2’s CS:GO roster to six players, so it is still uncertain which members will move to the active roster. In the meantime, fans can tune in to the BLAST Premier Fall Series 2020 on November 2, where G2 esports will go up against FURIA in a highly anticipated debut match for NiKo.

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