Mousesports (mouz) outclassed Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) in the grand finals of ICE Challenge 2020, winning three maps to one to bag their fourth championship out of five-straight grand finals appearances in tournaments dating back to October last year.

Mouz opened the finals in style, coming back from a 5-10 deficit before the side switch to win a tightly-contested 16-14 affair in Dust II.

Game two in Inferno was more one-sided, as mouz showcased their tactical superiority over Na’Vi to open with a 5-0 round advantage then cruise to an easy 16-8 victory.

Na’Vi struck back in Train, starting the third game of the series with a 5-0 round advantage of their own. Even after a miraculous one-versus-five ace by mouz rifler Chris “chrisJ” de Jong in round seven, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev pulled off two-straight clutches in the closing rounds to help put Na’Vi on the board.

Mouz went up 10-5 before the side switch in Nuke and never looked back, shutting down all of Na’Vi’s attempts to rally themselves back into the series and securing the championship with a 16-9 victory.

While Na’Vi’s hyper-aggressive play carried them through the rest of the tournament, mouz’s more methodical approach won out in the grand finals.

The champions notably excelled in the pistol rounds, winning six out of eight to help kickstart crucial economic advantages in the opening rounds and after side switches.

With their win, mouz bag the grand prize of US$125,000 and established themselves as one of the top three teams in the world, alongside Astralis and Team Liquid, early into the new year.

Meanwhile, Na’Vi improve on their mixed results from the latter half of 2019, earning a respectable runner-up finish in their first tournament of the year and taking US$50,000 in consolation.

Both teams will get another crack at each other at the Intel Extreme Masters Season XIV World Championship, which is set to begin on February 25.

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