The first big LAN of the Counter-Strike 2 era is upon us and we’re here to give you all of the IEM Sydney results from the land down under.

Hosted at the ICC Sydney, the first tier one LAN tournament for CS2 is giving both the professional players in attendance and the fans at home a look at how the competition is panning out in the new title.

IEM Sydney full results and schedule

FaZe Rain likes the IEM Sydney results so far
Credit: ESL

A total of 16 teams descended on Sydney, Australia for their chance at the lion’s share of a $250,000 prize pool, but several have already been sent home including NAVI who were down their superstar Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev.

With the event reaching day three, you can find all the IEM Sydney results as well as the upcoming matches below.

October 16

Upper Round 1NAVINAVI 13-9Apeks
Upper Round 1VERTEX2-13MOUZ
Upper Round 1Vitality14-16BetBoom
Upper Round 1FaZe15-19GamerLegion
Upper Round 1ENCE13-6Lynn Vision
Upper Round 1Cloud910-13 Fnatic
Upper Round 1G213-11Grayhound
Upper Round 1Monte9-13Complexity
Upper Round 2MOUZ2-1NAVI
Lower Round 1VERTEX0-2 Apeks
Upper Round 2BetBoom2-0GamerLegion
Lower Round 1Vitality1-2FaZe

October 17

Lower Round 1Grayhound0-2Monte
Upper Round 2G22-0Complexity
Lower Round 1Lynn Vision0-2Cloud9
Upper Round 2ENCE2-1Fnatic
Lower Round 2Apeks0-2GamerLegion
Lower Round 2NAVI1-2FaZe

October 18

Lower Round 2Complexity2 – 1Cloud9
Lower Round 2Fnatic1 – 2Monte
Upper FinalBetBoom1 – 2MOUZ
Lower FinalFaZe2 – 1GamerLegion
Upper FinalENCE0 – 2G2
Upper FinalComplexity2 – 0Monte

October 20

QuarterfinalComplexity2 – 0BetBoom
QuarterfinalENCE0 – 2FaZe

October 21

SemifinalMOUZ0 – 2FaZe
SemifinalG20 – 2Complexity

October 22

Grand FinalFaZe2 – 1Complexity


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