The biggest question in the Counter-Strike 2 sphere at the moment is when does release? Thanks to some CS2 leaks, we may have a better idea thanks to recent posts from ThourCS on X (Twitter).

The user whose bio reads “Software Engineer who tweets about CS2” has shared details regarding a brand new Premier Mode, leaderboard, and more.

CS2 leaks reveal a new Premier Mode with leaderboards

CS2 leaks reveal new information
Credit: Valve

Given the recent launch of a similarly named system in Riot Games’ Valorant, the new Premier Mode is most likely to be a way for players to compete within a system provided by Valve rather than needing to seek an outside league.

Currently, it is assumed the new CS2 Premier Mode will allow players to join in-game leagues that will be based on their team’s overall ranks and work their way up through various levels.

CS2 Premier Mode categories

According to the leaks, a brand new Premier Mode will be debuting with the launch of CS2. The mode will be split into the following four categories.

  • Global
  • Region (North America)
  • Country (United States)
  • Friends

It’s unclear if providing North America and the United States with the information was simply to provide an example or the only current leagues available at launch.

CS2 Premier Mode season dates

In addition, the dates for the seasons were listed.

  • Limited Test / Beta Season
  • 2023 Fall (23rd Sept – 22nd Dec 2023)
  • 2024 Spring (20th Mar – 21st Jun 2024)
  • 2024 Fall (22nd Sept – 21st Dec 2024)

CS2 release date based on leaks

It’s worth noting that this information is not confirmed, but if it has any truth to it, this could mean CS2 will be here by later September. This could mean the game will be made available to the public within the next 30 to 45 days.

This is based on the 2023 Fall season start date of September 23, as provided by the latest leaks.

This will only fuel the already rampant fire of fans wanting to jump into the new installment in the Counter-Strike franchise, with the recently concluded IEM Cologne event being touted as the farewell to CS:GO.

Now we wait.

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