If you’re looking to play Counter-Strike 2, then you’ll want to know how to best utilize the new mechanics, especially the smokes.

One of the biggest changes in the next iteration of the popular first-person shooter is the volumetric smoke grenades. Due to the smoke blooming differently, and thanks to map adjustments, the grenades need to be thrown differently.

Lucky for us, a former Counter-Strike professional has shared what he deems as the essential smoke throws for Dust 2 in CS2.

A new Dust 2 means new smoke throws in Counter-Strike 2

Dust 2's B site on Counter-Strike 2
Credit: Valve

Former professional Hungarian Counter-Strike player Balázs “KODIAK” Török has released a video going over all the smokes you need to know for the updated version of Dust 2.

KODIAK played for KO and Face of Power in Counter-Strike 1.6, before moving to the Ancients roster for Source and the start of CS:GO.

In the video, he explains how to do one of the most important smokes on the map, the mid-doors smoke. In CS:GO, this smoke would instead be the “xbox” smoke, however, due to the new bloom, a mid-door smoke will now shroud any player moving up catwalk as well.

This smoke works to block off any defender’s line of sight to catwalk, or short A. Taking control of middle, or multiple lanes of entry to a site, is important on any map.

The second smoke covered is the defender’s spawn smoke from middle. This smoke allows you to push out of double doors and into the defense side of middle.

This is most often used to commit to or fake a mid-to-B play. Given the narrow corridor that B tunnels provides to enter the site, splitting it is often the better play. For that, you’ll want to know this smoke throw.

Lastly, he goes over the correct way to throw the long A cross smoke. This smoke blocks vision for anyone on A side catwalk as well as defenders spawn. If thrown correctly, players will be able to push up A ramp free of the eyes of the defenders.

It’s worth remembering that in CS2, players can throw HE grenades into smoke blooms to make them disappear briefly. In addition, enemy players will most likely be spamming the smokes with bullets, so make sure to watch out for stray bullets.

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