Astralis captain, Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander, has announced that he is taking a break from competitive play for medical reasons.

Gla1ve called it the “toughest decision of my life” in a TwitLonger post, where he revealed that he’s been struggling with symptoms of stress and burnout for a long period of time.

Kasper Hvidt, Astralis’ director of sports, shared that the organization supports gla1ve’s decision. “I am obviously looking forward to having Lukas back 100%,” he stated, “but right now he needs to rest. We will support him in any and all ways possible.”

Astralis also explained in a blog post that this is why the team announced the expansion of its roster. “We want to give the players more opportunities to take breaks and rest when needed and we want to create a culture, where the pressure is positive and all players can use their time and resources best possible,” said Hvidt.

Gla1ve is one of the most decorated professional CS:GO players of all time with four CS:GO Major championship wins and multiple first-place finishes from the IEM, Blast Pro Series, ECS, StarLadder, ESL, and FACEIT tournaments as Astralis’ in-game captain.

The team has announced that Jakob “JUGi” Hansen will be replacing gla1ve during his three-month medical leave. JUGi was previously with Danish CS:GO organization North, and will be participating with Astralis for DreamHack Masters Spring 2020.

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