The World Series of Warzone (WSOW) continues the 2021 season with its fourth competitive event, a Duos NA tournament.

With top streamers like Kris “Swagg” Lamberson and Tyler “TeeP” Polchow already locked in as captains, a handful of squads will battle it out to grab first place in the Duos tournament and the Captain’s Cup.

Here’s everything you need to know about the World Series of Warzone Duos NA, including its schedule, teams, format, and prize pool.

What is the World Series of Warzone Duos NA?

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Credit: Activision

The World Series of Warzone is the official competitive circuit of Call of Duty’s battle royale game, handled by Activision and Twitch Rivals.

Just like its previous events, Duos NA will feature a captain’s draft, in which designated captains will choose squads to participate in the individual competitive tournament and score points for their team in the Captain’s Cup.

Format of the WSOW Duos NA

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The Duos event will feature a connected format of an individual competitive tournament and a Captain’s Cup.

Individual competitive

Similar to the usual competitive battle royale format, WSOW players will compete in a 75-duo custom lobby for five matches. The duo with the highest points will take the largest share of US$200,000.

As for the remaining US$100,000, Activision puts it up for grabs in the Captain’s Cup.

Captain’s Cup

The Captain’s Cup is a semi-invitational draft-based event, mixing rising Warzone players with some of the best Call of Duty pros in the world.

Five designated captains will draft out a team of 15 duos including their own duo squad.

Aside from playing for themselves, the drafted duos will represent their captain teams in the five aforementioned matches.

The performance of the five teams will determine their share of the Captain’s Cup prize pool. The winning captain claims a US$20,000 prize for themselves and US$1,000 for every member of their captain team.


Once the main tournament has concluded, WSOW will end the day with a 150-player Solo YOLO lobby.

Players will drop into Verdansk by themselves and the last operator standing will earn a cash prize of US$100,000.

Schedule of the World Series of Warzone Duos NA

The captain’s draft will take place on November 17, 4 a.m. GMT+8.

All five Duos games as well as the Solo YOLO game will happen on November 18, with the first game starting at 4 a.m. GMT+8.

Team captains of WSOW Duos NA

Team captains of the World Series of Warzone Duos NA
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports

Here are the five captains that will lead the charge for the Captain’s Cup:

  • Jordan “HusKerrs” Thomas
  • Kris “Swagg” Lamberson
  • Tyler “TeeP” Polchow
  • Seth “Scump” Abner
  • ShawnJ Gaming

Event prize pool

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Credit: Activision

WSOW Duos NA features a US$300,000 prize pool that will be split amongst the top-performing teams and duo squads in both the individual competitive tournament and the Captain’s Cup.

Individual competitive (US$200,000)


Captain’s Cup (US$100,000)

Every member of the winning team will be rewarded with US$1,000.

1st place captainUS$20,000
2nd place captainUS$15,000
3rd place captainUS$13,000
4th place captainUS$12,000
5th place captainUS$10,000

Solo YOLO (US$100,000)

WSOW caps off the entire event with a solo Warzone match. The winning player will take home US$100,000.

Where to watch the World Series of Warzone Duos NA

Fans can catch the World Series of Warzone Duos NA on the official channel of Twitch Rivals.

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