Call of Duty Warzone has always been the go-to game to gun it out with the bros, but what happens when you’re suddenly down one man?

Streamer Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar faced this predicament when his friend and frequent CoD partner Herschel “Dr DisRespect” Beahm IV was banned from Twitch in 2020.

In addition to the removal of his channel, the ban prohibited Doc from appearing on any kind of Twitch stream, axing the duo’s hilarious commentaries and intense gunplay.

TimTheTatman leaves Twitch and signs to YouTube Gaming as an exclusive streamer

Official announce of TimTheTatman's signing to YouTube Gaming
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports

A year after Doc’s abrupt departure from Twitch, TimTheTatman made the daring move to sign with YouTube Gaming as an exclusive streamer.

In the announcement video, CoD personality and YouTube streamer Jack “CouRageJD” Dunlop welcomed Tim to the new platform.

This move opened the door to a potential reunion between Dr DisRespect and TimTheTatman, and of course, Timmy’s first-ever YouTube stream was the best way to do it.

Dr DisRespect and Timmy finally enter the same Warzone lobby after a year

Leading up to Tim’s transition to YouTube Gaming, the two streamers went back and forth on how much they’ve missed playing with each other.

While Timmy mentioned how he only sees Doc nowadays on TV rather than in his lobby, Doc jokingly asked his viewers if Tim has made any progress in Warzone.

Now on the same platform, the duo caught up with each other in Tim’s first stream alongside Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo and CouRage. From the get-go, Dr DisRespect crowded the voice comms to congratulate TimTheTatman and DrLupo on their move from Twitch to YouTube.

The reunion eventually led to an incredible Warzone victory, in which TimTheTatman topped the squad rankings with 17 kills.

What’s next for the iconic Call of Duty Warzone duo?

ZLaner, Dr DisRespect, and TimTheTatman hosting their own tournament
Credit: Dr DisRespect

Though it’s only been a week since the reunion, the two are already taking YouTube streaming by storm. Just recently, Tim and Doc hosted a US$50,000 Warzone tournament with Zack “ZLaner” Lane.

You can catch their upcoming collaborations on the YouTube channels of Dr DisRespect and TimTheTatman.

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