Attention, Call of Duty Warzone fans!

The ONE Esports Warzone Heroes Showdown officially kicks off on December 11 and will have 17 celebrity streamers battle it out on the new map of Caldera.

With talent hailing from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand, here’s everything you need to know about the participating streamers of the ONE Esports Warzone Heroes Showdown.

Streamers participating in the ONE Esports Warzone Heroes Showdown

Alita Zunic

The returning Warzone Showdown champion, Alita Zunic has proven time and time again that she is no stranger to the battle royale. Whether it’s getting double-digit kill counts or reviving teammates under fire, the PH streamer will do whatever it takes to bring home the W for her squad.


Thai variety streamer BoyMinORu creates chaotic content with every game that he touches. Taking his wits and snappy commentary to Caldera, we’re bound to see MinORu deliver a few nasty clap-backs.

Een Mercado

Streamer and cosplayer Een Mercado is back in action for the ONE Esports Warzone Heroes Showdown. Now collecting enemy dog tags instead of NFTs, Een is set to make a splash in Caldera.

Ella Cruz

Though Ella Cruz is a new operator on the block, she’s got her sights set on being a fan favorite. Get ready for EC to take over the official stream with her laidback attitude and pinpoint shots.

Jillian Santos

Don’t let her TikTok compilations fool you, Jillian Santos is a devoted team player. Racking up squad experience in MOBAs and other FPS games, you can expect Jillian to initiate the best firefights with lightning-fast callouts.

Kim Luz

Kim Luz is her name and beaches are her domain. Newcomer Kim has been clocking countless hours into Warzone and it looks like the streamer is keen on sniping enemies with her toes in the sand.


Carrying her crew in both casual and competitive gameplay, Maggiekarp is a returning PH streamer with a penchant for FPS games. Keep an eye on Maggie for insane killstreaks in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific.


MickiePP enters the ONE Esports Warzone Heroes Showdown as a bonafide esports veteran. The player-turned-content creator dominates in both FPS and battle royale games, potentially giving him the edge on the new Pacific map.

Myrtle Sarrosa

Actress. Otaku. Cosplayer. Gamer. Warzone Heroes Showdown champion? Myrtle Sarrosa is more than ready to showcase her rifle skills in Caldera and win it all for another prestigious title on her Instagram bio.


Consistency is key for Filipino streamer Nevz. From in-depth gameplay analysis to clutch highlights, the content creator looks for every opportunity to showcase the Nevz mentality.

President Mojo

Indonesian streamer President Mojo is a man of many game titles. With Call of Duty Warzone Pacific as his next title to triumph in, the President is ready to make some executive decisions to secure his squad’s Warzone victory.


A MOBA player at heart, Thai content creator ReMix knows the importance of teamwork and making flashy plays. Once ReMix spots an easy target in Caldera, he’ll be rallying his squad with his on-the-fly battle cries to secure the kill.


Nicknamed the Asian Sniper, SiuPakChoi brings years of daily gaming and pro experience to Call of Duty Warzone Pacific. Once he gets his hands on a Kar98k, there’s no telling how many longshots this sniper expert will land.


Thai streamer Tanxlive looks to be a perfect contender at the ONE Esports Warzone Heroes Showdown. Known for his love of FPS and survival games, Tanxlive will likely be one of the few operators dueling it out in every last circle.

Tisay Gaming

Tisay Gaming is a hidden gem in the PH Warzone scene. If you’re looking for a new recruit to watch, the fluent-in-Filipino streamer knows how to mix hilarious squad banter with high-intensity gunplay.


Xcrosz joins the competition as a seasoned player in FPS and 3PS games, but brings a lot of other talents to Call of Duty Warzone Pacific. You’ll likely catch him effortlessly singing songs while drifting on the dirt roads of Caldera.

Yvenne Santos

From K-pop dances to Kar98k no scopes? Yvenne Santos is up for the challenge. The Filipino streamer is stepping out of her usual MOBA gameplay to join the ranks of Caldera’s newest sharpshooters.

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