Call of Duty: Warzone content creator Hector “Repullze” Torres visited the FaZe Nuke Squad gaming house and interviewed its residents about the origins of their in-game names (IGN).

Warzone sniper star Booya has an ear for sportscasters

Booya next to Stuart Scott during his ESPYS acceptance speech
Credit: Booya and ESPN

Ean “GDBooya” Chase may be the bonafide operator in Warzone, but the FaZe streamer’s name is actually a reference to traditional sports broadcasting.

Booya and his dad were viewers of the SportsCenter program on ESPN, where legendary anchor Stuart Scott cemented his iconic catchphrase, “boo-yah”.

His dad ended up using the phrase frequently too, so COD player eventually placed it in his IGN.

As for “GD”, Booya himself has no clue what it stands for. All he knows is that it’s the clan tag of his baseball team.

FaZe Nuke Squad‘s Swagg is a big fan of the dougie

Swagg next to Cali Swag District's album cover of The Kickback
Credit: Swagg and Cali Swag District

World Series of Warzone Captain’s Cup champion Kris “Swagg” Lamberson spilled the beans on why he has such an iconic IGN.

The FaZe streamer actually started off with the IGN, “XxCaliSwagg1xX”, inspired by the music group Cali Swag District who performed “Teach Me How To Dougie”.

Later on, he eventually stuck with “Swagg” to keep things short and sweet.

Repullze has a “disgusting” Call of Duty origin story

Repullze in his IGN origin video
Credit: Repullze

While the first two origin stories had no connection to Call of Duty, Repullze’s name anecdote is very much about his gunplay.

Back when he was part of a sniping clan, Hector was frequently called “gross” or “disgusting” as fellow players praised him for his impeccable skill in Call of Duty.

In search of an IGN, the young COD player went on Google and looked up synonyms of these adjectives, and eventually settled for “repulsive”.

Adding his own spin to it, he shortened the word and added a Z to form “Repulze”, but since he couldn’t get “Repulze” as an IGN on the PlayStation Network, he added another L and finalized his IGN to “Repullze”.

To hear about the IGN origins of other Nuke Squad members, check out Repullze’s full video.

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