Watch out, this Thumper’s bunny hops come with a special bang.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 introduces the Thumper, a new secondary weapon that excels in clearing out corners and spaces with just one explosive shot.

Weapon attributes of the The Thumper

Weapon attributes of the Thumper in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion./ONE Esports

The game’s first-ever grenade launcher, the Thumper provides a brand new approach to launcher gameplay.

While FHJ-18 and the SMRS pack more damage with rocket ammunition, the latest launcher boasts a faster fire rate and better mobility for players.

Fire Rate20

How to unlock the secondary weapon in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9

To unlock the Thumper, you must complete Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 9 event, Outta The Way!

The secondary weapon will be rewarded after you complete the seventh and final challenge in the event.

Here’s a list of all seven challenges and their rewards:

1Play 5 Multiplayer matches5x Weapon XP card, 1,000 Battle Pass XP
2Kill 5 enemies with any Lethal equipmentJ358- Shocking skin, 1,000 Battle Pass XP
3Kill 10 enemies with any pistolUrban Undead spray, 2,000 Battle Pass XP
4Earn the Bloodthirsty Medal 5 times in Multiplayer matchesChipset frame, 2,000 Battle Pass XP
5Kill 30 enemies with the Martyrdom Perk equipped (available in Credit Store)x10 Weapon XP card, 3,000 Battle Pass XP
6Win 3 matches with any Shotgun equipped with 5 attachmentsSKS – Voltaic Garden skin, 3,000 Battle Pass XP
7Kill 30 enemies with the Amped Perk equippedThumper, 4,000 Battle Pass XP

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