If you’ve been playing Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone, you probably spotted the new multi-level structure called the Grid Radar Array just north of Stadium.

Aside from being a brand new landmark that can be seen from anywhere on the map, the Radar Array can be used as a perfect vantage point into key locations.

You can access the Grid Radar Array with a rappelling rope, two ladders, and two gantries, but that will only take you halfway up the complex.

If you’re looking to get to the highest point of the Array, you’ll have to do some cat-like jumps coming off the highest gantry and onto the landmark’s metal framing.

Once you’ve walked along the cylindrical transmitter cages and get into any of the cage towers, you’ll have to repeatedly mount on top of the central interior beams.

Keep in mind that you have to be touching the upper beam for the mount to register, or you’ll end up bouncing off and falling through the cage tower.

When you get onto the final set of beams, you can make your way onto the top set of transmitter cages and enjoy an incredible view over Stadium, and South and Central Verdansk.

Check out the full tutorial down below:

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