Updated 5/17: Een Mercado has withdrawn from the ONE Esports Warzone Showdown.

The ONE Esports Call of Duty: Warzone Showdown featured an action-packed grand final between the teams of Ashley Gosiengfiao and Een Mercado.

While Team Ashley was on fire coming into the final showdown, Team Een took the final game with an impressive 24-point run.

Francis revives Een Mercado at the last second

For the final match of the Warzone Showdown, Team Een stayed close to each other for quick double-teams and revives in every rotation.

Making their way into Downtown, Een was unfortunately downed from behind by a hidden sniper. Fortunately, she managed to find some cover behind some wooden planks and teammate Francis managed to get the revive right before Een’s timer expired.

Een Mercado grabs a kill and conquers the Gulag

After the timely revival, Een Mercado was back in action and looking for opponents in the Bank Building. Chancing upon a lone operator walking through, the streamer fired away with her MP5 for the kill, but another trailing player landed a few shots that sent her to the Gulag.

The Gulag was no obstacle for Een and, equipped with a FARA 83, she quickly took down her enemy with a beautifully controlled hipfire spray, landing herself back in Verdansk.

Francis holds out for Team Een Mercado in Warzone Showdown

Een eventually met her demise once again from another sniper. As the circle closed in, Francis was the last man standing for Team Een and did his best in stalling out the game.

Even though he didn’t know what score Team Ashley had, Francis kept his cool and tried to initiate on one more squad before placing fourth overall in the match.

Though they weren’t able to claim a second Warzone Victory, Team Een powered through with a final score of 24 over Team Ashley’s 3, grabbing the Warzone Showdown championship title and its cash prize of US$5,000.

“I just want to thank my teammates for pushing me,” said Een during the winner’s interview. “They pushed me to be here, just have fun, and enjoy the game. It happened and we won.”

Final Results of the ONE Esports Warzone Showdown
Credit: ONE Esports

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