The Weekly Challenge grind has arrived to Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer!

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In this guide we share what is the fastest way to complete MW3 weekly challenges for Season 2 Week 1, and earn yourself some nice XP.

List of Week 1 Challenges in Modern Warfare 3 Season 2

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 Week 1 Challenges
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  • Get 30 Operator Kills with Suppressed Recommended Marksman Rifles
  • Get 20 Operator 1 Shot 1 Kills with Recommended Shotguns
  • Get 15 Operator Quickscope Kills with Recommended Snipers
  • Get 7 Operator Double Kills with Recommended Battle Rifles
  • Get 5 Operator Triple Kills with Recommended Assault Rifles
  • Get 5 Operator Longshot Kills with an 8x or Greater Magnification Scope Equipped to a Recommended Weapon
  • Get 3 Operator Collateral Kills with Recommended Sniper Rifles

How to complete MW3 Weekly Challenges easily

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All of these Weekly Challenges are based on performing Operator Kills with a specific weapon type or class.

We have found that the quickest way to go about this is to hop into the Hardcore playlist and select only the Stash House 24/7 game mode.

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This way, you’re constantly presented with targets and have the shortest TTK (Time To Kill) allowing you to quickly fulfill each requirement which works especially well for Challenges that require Multikills.

This works especially well since you must use Recommended weapons which you may not be familiar with.

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As a reward for completing Week 1 Challenges, you will be awarded with JAK Tyrant 762 Kit for the Longbow sniper rifle.

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