Ashley Gosiengfiao has been crowned the new winner of the ONE Esports Call of Duty Warzone Showdown, following Een Mercado’s withdrawal from the tournament.

After the conclusion of the tournament, one of Een’s teammates admitted to cheating while playing in the tournament.

As a result, Een has announced her withdrawal from the tournament.


Live ulit

Posted by Een Mercado on Sunday, May 16, 2021

Activision Blizzard is currently investigating the situation.

As a result of Een’s withdrawal, the US$5,000 Champion’s prize money will now be split among the remaining teams.

The new prize money allocation is as follows:

  1. US$4,500
  2. US$2,250
  3. US$2,250
  4. US$1,500
  5. US$1,500
  6. US$1,500
  7. US$1,500

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