With just four days to go till they face off in the ONE Esports Call of Duty: Warzone Showdown, celebrity streamers and sisters, Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao went head to head in a different kind of showdown.

In the first minigame, the sisters were pitted in a game of ‘Would you rather?’ as they each defended their choices in the Warzone.

Which sister would shoot you in the back and which would knife you for extra style points? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

In the second minigame, the sisters played Compliment Showdown where they took turns to compliment each other with increasingly escalating compliments.

“I love your thicness,” said Alodia.

In game three, the sisters went old school with a 90’s style wrestling promo where they showed why they’re going to be the champion this Saturday.

Who did you think had the best promo?

Catch Alodia and Ashley this Saturday when they compete in the ONE Esports Warzone Showdown with six other celebrity streamers for a US$15,000 prize pool.

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