Call of Duty Warzone Pacific drops operators into the brand new tropical map of Caldera.

With Call of Duty Vanguard now succeeding Black Ops Cold War as the accompanying main title to Warzone, players can expect a fresh batch of World War II weapons available at the Gunsmith.

Here are all Vanguard weapons that you can get in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific, including favorites like the M1 Garand tactical rifle, the Kar98k sniper rifle, and the PPsh-41 submachine gun.

All Vanguard weapons in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

Vanguard assault rifles in Call of Duty Warzone

Assault Rifle AlphaVersatile assault rifle adaptable to any situation
Assault Rifle BravoFour-round burst rifle, accurate at medium to long range
Assault Rifle CharlieHigh-caliber, full-auto weapon with accuracy for long-distance engagements
Assault Rifle HotelHigh accuracy and low recoil allow this assault rifle precision at longer ranges
AS44Fast firing full-auto assault rifle ideal for close to mid-range engagements
Cooper CarbineThis short-range AR is easy to control with a fast fire rate

Available via the Season One Battle Pass
NZ-41Full-auto assault rifle with very accurate initial fire

Recoil becomes difficult to control with sustained fire
VolkssturmgewehrQuick and mobile full-auto assault rifle that’s ideal for pushing enemy positions at short to medium range

Vanguard tactical rifles in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

G-43High rate-of-fire semi-automatic rifle most effective at medium range
M1 GarandVersatile rifle offering effective accuracy and stopping power at all ranges
SVT-40High-caliber semi-automatic battle rifle, especially effective with headshots

Vanguard sniper rifles in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

3-Line RifleHeavier bolt-action rifle offers increased stability, immediately lethal almost anywhere on the body
Gorenko Anti-Tank RifleHeavy semi-automatic anti-tank rifle with devastating performance against infantry and vehicles alike

Available via the Season One Battle Pass
Kar98kVersatile bolt-action rifle, immediately lethal to the torso and head
Type 99Lighter bolt-action rifle offers additional maneuverability, immediately lethal to the upper torso and head

Vanguard shotguns in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

Combat ShotgunPump-action shotgun offering additional effective range
Double Barrel Break-action shotgun with a fast rate-of-fire, effective at close range
Einhorn RevolvingPrototype shotgun with a revolving cylinder, effective at close range
Gracey AutoSemi-auto shotgun with a very fast rate of fire, effective at very close range

Vanguard light machine guns in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

Light Machine Gun CharlieFull-auto LMG with accurate initial fire

Recoil becomes difficult to control with sustained fire
DP27 Versatile LMG capable of full-auto accuracy up to medium range and accurate in burst at long range
MG42Extreme rate-of-fire LMG able to suppress enemy forces at medium range
Type 11Lighter LMG offers additional maneuverability to reposition during battle

Vanguard submachine guns in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

M1912High rate-of-fire SMG with high ammo capacity, ideal for close-range engagements
OwenHigh-caliber full-auto SMG with accuracy for medium ranges
PPSh-41Incredibly fast-firing SMG that eliminates close-range threats quickly
Sten High-mobility full-auto SMG ideal for flanking enemy positions
Submachine Gun CharlieWorkhorse SMG suited to all short to medium range engagements
Type 100High-accuracy and low recoil SMG offering additional effective range

Vanguard launchers in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

M1 BazookaShoulder-fired launcher firing 60mm explosive rockets that are highly effective against vehicles
MK11 LauncherRepurposed launcher firing two-inch mortars that can take down infantry
PanzerfaustDisposable launcher firing a shaped charge warhead, effect against both vehicles and infantry
PanzerschreckShoulder-fired launcher firing 88mm explosive rockets that can wipe out vehicles

Vanguard handguns in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

1911Versatile semi-automatic pistol accurate at close and medium range
KlauserSteady high-caliber semi-automatic pistol more effective at range than other pistols
Machine PistolVery fast-firing fully-automatic pistol, effective at close range
RATTFast-firing semi-automatic pistol, effective at close range
Top BreakHigh-caliber revolver effective out to medium range

Vanguard melee weapons in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

Combat ShieldImprovised armored shield that’s impenetrable to ballistics and resistant to most explosives
FS Fighting KnifeCommando fighting knife that’s effective at surprise attacks or close-quarters combat
KatanaA single-edged Japanese longsword that’s lethal in close-quarters combat

Available later in Season One via Store Bundle
SawtoothA club crafted from the jaws of a shark

Available via the Season One Battle Pass

For more details about Call of Duty Warzone Pacific and Caldera, you can check out the official Season One patch notes.

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