The Gunsmith in Modern Warfare 3 allows players to make weapon customization on a new level with Conversion Kits and Aftermarket Parts.

There are many Conversion Kits and Aftermarket Parts in MW3 and it can become confusing to select, unlock, and use these modifications. That’s why we’re going to share all Conversion Kits in MW3 in this article.

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However, if you want to transform your favorite weapons into the best ones, this guide can help you.

All Conversion Kits in MW3

MW3 Jak Ferocity Carbine kit
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Conversion Kits in MW3 are the ultimate Gunsmith upgrade, offering a complete overhaul of a weapon’s design and function.

Unlike attachments that tweak specific aspects, Conversion Kits turn your base gun into a whole new beast.

You can only unlock these kits once your weapons reaches its maximum level. Here are all the Conversion Kits in MW3:

  • JAK Heretic Carbine Kit (MTZ-762 Battle Rifle): Transforms the MTZ into a close-quarters carbine with enhanced mobility.
  • JAK Raven Kit (MCW Assault Rifle): Converts the MCW into a high-powered DMR with increased range and accuracy.
  • Broodmother .45 Kit (WSP-9 SMG): Turns the WSP into a compact powerhouse with a larger magazine and improved fire rate.
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  • JAK Annihilator Bullpup Kit (Pulemyot 762 LMG): Converts the Pulemyot into a bullpup LMG with increased fire rate and reduced recoil.
  • XRK IP-V2 Conversion Barrel (COR-45 Handgun): Extends the COR’s range and damage output, making it a viable secondary option.
  • JAK Ferocity Carbine Kit (Renetti Handgun): Transforms the Renetti into a full-auto carbine, perfect for aggressive playstyles.
  • MCW 6.8 Full-Auto Conversion Kit (MCW 6.8 Marksman Rifle): Converts the MCW 6.8 into a fully automatic rifle, ideal for close to mid-range engagements.

All Aftermarket Parts in MW3

Aftermarket Parts are similar to Conversion Kits but focus on individual attachments. These parts often offer unique characteristics and improved stats compared to their base counterparts.

  • Cronen Intlas MSP-12 (Universal weapons)
  • Intlas CAS-14 (Universal weapons)
  • WSP Akimbo Brace Stocks (WSP Swarm SMG)

That covers everything you need to know about Conversion Kits and Aftermarket Parts in MW3.

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