In March 2020, Brawl Star players, Nicholas “CoupdeAce” Wilson Ng, Kogure “Relyh” Yo, Jordon “Jordon” Koh Yuen Sheng, and Charleston “Scythe” Yeo, got a call from PSG Esports saying the famous French club wanted to sign them.

“I was contacted by PSG’s Chief Gaming Officer, Yassine, and he told me that PSG was interested in signing my team,” team captain, CoupdeAce, told ONE Esports. “Of course I was more than willing to represent them.”

The squad, comprising of three Singaporeans, and one Japanese player, have been one of the top Brawl Star squads in the world all year. So after the French club announced the departure of its existing roster earlier this year, they were quick to sign the Singapore squad.

Among the four players, PSG were particularly impressed with CoupdeAce and Relyh, who had trophy records of 20,632 and 19,997 respectively when they were signed.

CoupdeAce is no stranger to esports, previously playing Dota 2 competitively before finding success in Brawl Stars.

“My cousin introduced me to Brawl Stars, which was how I started. I liked it because with other esports, the opportunity to perform on a global scale is quite limited, but Brawl Stars gives those of us in the SEA region an opportunity to perform,” said CoupdeAce.

After signing with PSG, the squad has continued to perform well and recently won the Brawl Stars Asia June Championship, with dominating victories over B-Boy and Ezgame.

The squad has now all but gauranteed its spot at the Brawl Stars World Finals.

“It feels amazing to be a Singapore team standing at the top,” said CoupdeAce. “It goes to show that we can compete at the highest level in Esports. In my opinion, I don’t think any other SEA/Singapore teams are at the top level. I feel the community is lacking in competitiveness and I sincerely wish that would change in the future. Hopefully, there will be more talents rising in SEA/Singapore.”

While CoupdeAce does admit that EU is the strongest overall region in the world, he’s confident that his squad can defeat anyone they run into at the Brawl Stars World Finals.

“I believe we can beat any team that steps forward. My teammates all have great skill but I feel what makes us the best team in the world is the amazing chemistry and teamwork we have as a team,” said CoupdeAce.

As for what makes CoupdeAce so successful as a player, he said, “I like to run down my opponents face on and destroy them. My favorite brawler is Bibi. I love her because she requires more skill to play than the other tanks, and she looks nice too. I like to control the map and pressure opponents consistently.”

If there’s one team that might be able to challenge PSG at the World Finals, it’s European powerhouse CODEMAGIC Purple, who are number two on the global leaderboard and recently won the Brawl Stars EU June Championship.

“I would say CODEMAGIC Purple is our biggest competition, as they have qualified for every EU qualifier, but I would love to play against SK Gaming at the Worlds Finals as my former teammate “Achille” is now with them,” said CoupdeAce.

The Brawl Stars World Finals will take place in November this year.

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