Arena of Valor (AoV) has released its 108th hero, Iggy, on the Vietnamese test servers on December 15. Many players have had the opportunity to try him out, experiencing with his skillset firsthand.


Iggy is AoV’s next mid lane mage. While this hero possesses a feminine façade, Iggy is classified as a male character in the game. He has long blonde locks and wears a crimson top with huge, puffy sleeves. His key visual exudes a sinister vibe. Could he be harnessing dark magic?

Additionally, this human-looking Iggy is Arena of Valor’s counterpart of the bomber cat, Shen Mengxi, from Honor of Kings.

Iggy is a mage hero with a skill set that can be repeatedly cast without the use of mana.


Passive: Champions or large jungle monsters hit by Iggy’s abilities will be burned and revealed in vision for 3 seconds. Iggy has three passive points. Using all three will heal him. Within 7 seconds, the passive will reimburse automatically without being dependent on a cooldown mechanism. Only the normal fire status of move 1 consumes this passive.

Skill 1: This ability has two states.

  • Normal state: Iggy causes an explosion into a target area every 0.75 seconds. Iggy can perform the blast up to 3 times in a row.
  • Enraged state: This ability can also ignite and knock back enemies. Pushed targets will have an additional explosion effect, dealing AoE damage within a certain range.

Skill 2: Iggy enters a state of rage (use this ability to activate his Enraged state in skill 1), gaining 80% bonus movement speed which decreases over time. Reactivating this ability allows Iggy to dash and stun enemies in his path for 0.5 seconds.

Ultimate Skill: Iggy converges and unleashes magic cannons at a target location, causing a scorching effect on enemies. The maximum charge time for this ability is 2 seconds. The longer it is charged, the longer its range.

Tips for using Iggy

With this skill set, Iggy can protect himself using skill 2 and repel enemies with the Enraged state of skill 1. After selecting a target for skill 1, the effect will be applied automatically for three times. Iggy’s ultimate is especially suitable for creating a team fight combo with Maloch or Krizzix.

No date has been announced yet on when Iggy will be fully playable on the Garena servers.

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