Watch out, Arena of Valor hackers and cheaters! Your days may be numbered as Tencent is taking stricter measures against misbehaving players.

In its recent May 22 developer letter, Tencent addressed the issue of hacking. The studio assured the AoV community that it is diligently monitoring the game 24/7 for any hacks or illegal plug-ins that may break the balance of the game.

Players that are found guilty of these violations will be banned from the game.

Tencent is encouraging players to report hacking and other problematic behavior via the game’s community feedback and customer service channels. The developers are working on an improved in-game reporting system that will be rolled out through an upcoming update.

Tencent is also planning to implement “Behavior Credits” within the reporting system, which will judge players based on their behavior within the game. Tencent clarified that this behavior evaluation system is different from the Credibility Score.

Behavior Credits increase by accumulating “likes” after matches and decrease when they are reported by other players. Should a player’s Behavior Credit drop too low, they will served a corresponding punishment. At the time of writing, however, Tencent has not specified the manner in which these players would be punished.

So far, Tencent’s efforts to ensure fair play have been fruitful, with the studio citing a significant drop in the usage rate of hackers over the past few months.

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