This season has not been an easy one for Vietnamese team Saigon Phantom (SGP) but in the end, they overcame all the other teams and were crowned 2020 Arena of Glory (AOG) Winter champions. 

Much of their success was thanks to side laner, Trinh “BronzeV” Dao Tien.

As one of the best Arena of Valor players in Vietnam, BronzeV’s career only flourished when he came to SGP. He shared a lot about himself, the team and his goals at the 2020 Arena of Valor International Championship in an exclusive interview with ONE Esports.

In the process of preparing for Arena of Valor and AIC 2020, SGP had the opportunity to practice with most of the teams participating in this year’s international tournament. “Practicing with them helps us overcome our team’s shortcomings in difficult situations,” BronzeV said.

The AIC 2020 meta is actually quite suitable to SGP’s play style, but BronzeV said that the team is highly adaptable and does not depend on external factors.

In order to win the 2020 AOG Winter championship, SGP had to overcome an internal conflict within the team itself. Fortunately, the team pulled together and, “after the rain, it stopped,” said BronzeV. The atmosphere inside the team is now stable and the members’ working relationship is also improving.

Credit: Arena of Valor

In terms of gameplay, BronzeV found that everyone had more trust with each other.

“Almost everyone can become a pillar for the whole team when it comes to team fights.” This is a big difference compared to the SGP that fans have seen during the Spring season when they depended on their jungler Thóng “Bângg” Lai Bâng.

“Participating at the 2020 AIC this time is the biggest motivation for me to give it my all. Our goal is the championship. As for my personal goal, I want to become the number one side laner in the world.”

When it comes to Saigon Phantom’s 2020 AIC group, BronzeV commented: “Group B is quite different from Group A, so it’s not so important to rank (in top 4). SGP’s opponents don’t need to be wary of anyone because the common ground of the current strong teams is quite equal.”

The team atmosphere is comfortable right now and the players aren’t under any pressure. Whether SGP is under pressure or not will probably depend on their performance at the AIC 2020.

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