After Talon Esports’ jungler Lee “Rush” Ho Yeon announced his retirement from professional Arena of Valor, fellow South Korean player Kim “HAK” Do-Yeop revealed that he is quitting, AoV as well.

He has plans to continue playing pro esports, however, except this time playing a different game.

HAK posted a video on his YouTube channel, along with an announcement that he will be retiring from professional Arena of Valor to play Riot Games’ newest mobile MOBA, League of Legends: Wild Rift.

There are no tournaments yet for Wild Rift since the game just entered Open Beta last month, but HAK already made it clear that he would like to play and compete in its esports scene soon.

“Since there are no competitions in Korea, I want to play the game where competitions can be held,” HAK explained while also noting that he misses his family and friends in his home country after being away for four years to play as a pro.

Still, HAK insists that he’s determined to see “how far (he) can climb up again (in a new game).”

HAK won the Arena of Valor World Championship (AWC) back in 2018 with the South Korean contingent. He has also played with many Thailand teams, including AHQ, Talon Esports, and most recently with EVOS.

HAK may be one of the first professional mobile MOBA players to make a bold move and quit his current esports league for Wild Rift. It’s a situation reminiscent to the trend of CS:GO and Overwatch players switching to Valorant — another Riot Games title which promised a thrilling esports scene — ahead of its global release last June.

After this switch, will we be seeing more AoV players (and perhaps some Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players) hopping the fence to Wild Rift soon?

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