Tachi, Arena of Valor’s 109th hero, has officially been released. He has a high capacity to deal a lot of damage thanks to his passive ability, the Sorrow’s Edge.

As such, he’ll surely become a popular pick similar to the game’s other damage dealers like Maloch and Airi.

This guide will provide you with the recommended items for the best Tachi build, as well as the appropriate runes and arcana for AoV’s newest hero.

AoV Tachi abilities

Tachi is a Warrior hero designed for the Slayer lane. He came from Mist Island, along with Airi and Aoi.

Here are Tachi’s official Arena of Valor abilities together with some tips and tricks on how to use them in-game.

Passive – Spellbound

Arena of Valor, AoV Tachi abilities, Spellbound
Credit: Garena

When Tachi deals damage to an enemy (hero or epic jungle creep), he infuses Energy into the nearest seal from the target, dealing physical damage equal to 4% of the target’s max HP and gains 50% increased movement speed for 0.5 seconds.

When all 4 seals are infused with Energy, the seals will be broken, and Tachi gains 25% (+2% per hero level) attack speed and a shield equal to 11% of his max HP (+1% per hero level).

After the seals are broken, the first 3 normal attacks hit grant a shield equal to 3% of his max HP.

All damage caused by Tachi during this period becomes true damage, and he cannot crit for 6 seconds.

  • Tachi is the strongest whenever he uses his Spellbound’s seal. Try to activate this seal when fighting enemies by moving continuously and attacking them from all four different directions.
  • Remember, Tachi’s passive can be activated when attacking large monsters such as the Abyssal Dragon, Darkslayer, and Spirit Sentinel. Engage in a fight against these monsters to recover health when you’re getting low — just don’t get killed in the process!

First ability – Moon Pierce

Arena of Valor, AoV Tachi abilities, Moon pierce
Credit: Garena

Moon Pierce – Eclipse (unbroken seals): Tachi unleashes a sword wave, dealing 300 (+75% of AD) physical damage (60% additional damage to non-hero units) and slows them for 50% for 1 second.

Moon Pierce – Full (broken seals): Tachi charges for 1 second (gains Iron Body during the period) and unleashes a sword wave, dealing 500 (+125% of AD) true damage. The first 3 normal attacks hit after the seals are broken increases his damage by 10%.

  • While charging Moon Pierce, you can use Browbeat twice to change position. The only catch is you will not deal any damage when you use this ability together with the charge.
  • Tachi can still move while channeling, so if you aim carefully you can still slash if the enemy tries to escape.
  • Additionally, Moon Pierce helps AoV Tachi activate Spellbound immediately. Take note of this especially when you need to use the seals while in combat.

Second ability – Browbeat

Arena of Valor, AoV Tachi abilities
Credit: Garena

Tachi charges forward to deal 150 (+50% of AD) physical damage and triggers a Lunar Strike at the end of it to deal the same amount of damage to all nearby enemies. The first 3 normal attacks after the seals are broken reduces this skill’s charging time by a third.

  • Browbeat can be used to glide across the map, chase enemies, retreat, and even gank during unexpected situations, making Tachi a real mobile nightmare.

Ultimate ability – Cliff Breaker

Arena of Valor, AoV Tachi abilities
Screenshot by Vu Long/ ONE Esports

Tachi charges to the target and slashes two crosses in the air. Each slash deals 50 (+10% of AD) physical damage and slows enemies by 90% for 1 second.

‘On his 3rd slash downwards, he deals 250 (+50% of AD) (+16% of the target’s lost HP, up to 1,500 on jungle creeps) physical damage to nearby enemies. The broken seal effect is triggered immediately upon Tachi’s landing.

Additionally, Tachi cannot be targeted while in the air.

  • This is AoV Tachi’s most powerful tool for initiating combat. With Spellbound activated, Tachi can finish off low-health enemy heroes. This is possible because of his ability to deal damage based on the percentage of the target’s lost health.
  • AoV Tachi’s ultimate also helps him activate Spellbound seals while making him immune during all the jumping and slashing action. Using AoV Tachi’s ultimate ability will also help you survive against an enemy’s deadly move. It can also aid you in disengaging and fleeing from a team fight.

AoV Tachi tips and tricks

Arena of Valor, AoV Tachi tips and tricks
Credit: Garena

Here’s a quick rundown of runes, arcana fragments, and items for the best AoV Tachi build.

Recommended AoV Tachi runes

AoV Tachi is a strong fighter who deals true damage, so he does not need too much attack equipment to pressure enemies. AoV Itachi’s build should focus on both damage and stamina to help him last longer during team fights.

Afata is the most effective rune for tank and warrior heroes just like Tachi. This rune will give AoV Tachi a boost in healing.

The Afata rune will supply the sustain that his kit lacks for an easier laning phase, as well as better survivability when engaging in team fights.

AoV Tachi arcana

Arena of Valor, AoV Tachi build
Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ ONE Esports

With the shield that he gains based on his maximum health, Tachi will need arcana fragments to help him replenish his health as much as possible.

Go for lifesteal/armor/attack speed red arcana fragments, max HP/ cooldown reduction blue arcana fragments, and health/heal/movement speed purple arcana fragments.

Recommended items for AoV Tachi build

Arena of Valor, AoV tachi build assassin
Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ ONE Esports

You can go for two different Tachi builds — a full assassin build and a semi-tank and damage dealer build.

The assassin Tachi build lets you focus all your items on damage to quickly kill enemies while the warrior Tachi build will make him more resistant to physical damage, making him tanky enough to survive attacks during teamfights.

AoV Tachi’s assassin build will force you to attack precisely, letting out surprise attacks to kill several enemies. If he fails to do this, Tachi will be easily killed.

Get Claves Sancti, Fenrir’s Tooth, and Death Sickle as his main items. The remaining items of this Tachi build should be assembled according to the game’s situation. You can choose from Spear of Longinus, The Beast, Curse of Death, Slikk’s Sting, or Devil’s Handshake.

Arena of Valor, AoV Tachi build, Warrior build
Screenshot by Kristine Tuting/ ONE Esports

If you want to play it on the safe side, build Tachi like the true Warrior hero that he is. You will need one or two damage items and the rest will be focused on building his defense.

Tachi will need Fenrir’s Tooth to attack. However, if you feel like this Tachi build still lacks damage, you can consider Slikk’s Sting for the additional attack speed and movement speed, or Spear of Longinus to reduce the enemy’s armor.

For his defense items, prioritize building Rock Shield to give him more armor. Then you can choose among Medallion of Troy, Gaia’s Standard, and The Aegis to complete this Tachi build.

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