The AWC 2021 saw the rise of the Superman meta.

During the Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC) 2021 Group Stage, pro teams and players showed that almost all Arena of Valor (AoV) heroes can be played in any position.

We saw ADC Hayate, jungler Joker, and even support Wonder Woman, Mina, and Maloch. Even support heroes like Payna and Grakk were used in the mid lane.

So why did pro teams specifically opt for Superman in this international competition?

Let’s take a look at this hero’s advantages and disadvantages and how he came to be the man of the hour at AWC 2021.

Superman is very strong in the early game

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Everyone knows that the DC fictional character Superman has the ability to fly. His Arena of Valor version also possesses this superpower, which helps him move very quickly around the map.

His ultimate ability, Speeding Bullet, helps the team push lanes. These things make Superman a solid roaming hero.

Teamfights with this superhero start around level two, or even as early as level one against the enemy’s mid lane or jungler. Being able to get into early teamfights brings a lot of advantages, especially in pro matches.

Upon reaching level four and unlocking his ultimate, Superman will become even more terrifying at teamfights. His knockback provides a constant source of crowd control for your team, making him a really tough opponent to play against.

Superman is a highly strategic choice

As mentioned, several heroes can be flexed in different positions, including Superman. It is extremely important to utilize flexible positions for a single hero, more so in a professional setting such as AWC 2021.

Superman can go all the way in the Dark Slayer lane, mid lane, or even in the bot lane as a support.

Regardless of his position, he can still take advantage of his roaming capabilities to back up his teammates. If he’s doing well, this hero will sooner or later decide the outcome of the match.

Superman at AWC 2021

During the early game of these AWC 2021 matches, pro players who picked Superman prioritized strategically ganking enemies, especially since he can move faster than most heroes thanks to his Flight mode.

Whenever minions spawn, he will push the lane really fast, causing an invisible pressure on other lanes, and on the opponent’s jungle as well.

V Gaming BirdLB’s flawless game at the Dark Slayer lane

In general, Superman is a very difficult hero to master. However, when you do learn how to use him properly, he can take you and your team to greater heights by creating beautiful plays, just like how the pros did at AWC 2021.

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