AoV fans can look forward to weeks of intense mobile MOBA action as the Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC 2022) returns later this June, organized by Level Infinite and Garena.

This time around, the top 16 teams around the world will compete for the prestigious international title and a total prize pool of US$2,000,000, the highest in AIC history. The tournament will be divided into three stages — Phase 1 and 2 of the Group Stage and the Knockout Stage.

The tournament features teams from different regions, including the Garena Challenger Series (GCS), RoV Pro League (RPL), Arena of Glory (AOG), AOV Star League (ASL), SEA Wildcard (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines), Brazil, Western Europe, Turkey, Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.

Here’s everything you need to know about AIC 2022 — its schedule, format, prize pool, participating teams, and where to watch the live broadcast.

AIC 2022 schedule, standings, and results

The AIC 2022 Group Stage schedule
Credit: Garena RoV

The AIC tournament will take place from June 16 to July 10, divided into four rounds. Here is a brief overview of this year’s AIC:

  • Group Stage – June 16 to 19
  • Quarter Finals – June 23 to 26
  • Semifinals – July 2 to 3
  • Grand Finals – July 10

(To be updated)

AIC 2022 Group Stage standings

Group A

Talon Esports0-0
Starry Hope0-0
Nova Esports0-0
Team Flash0-0

Group B

Valencia CF Esports0-0
ONE Team0-0
Saigon Phantom0-0
Representative from Arabia Cup0-0

Group C

A Dope Team0-0
Bikertopia Esports0-0
Dewa United0-0
Representative from Pro League Brasil (Brazil)0-0

Group D

Bacon Time0-0
Kaos Next Ruya0-0
MAD Team0-0
V Gaming0-0

AIC 2022 format

The AIC 2022 poster
Credit: Garena RoV

There will be a total of three stages in AIC, namely the Group Stage Phase 1 and 2 and the Knockout Stage.

The 16 participating teams will be divided into four groups in a single best-of-one round-robin format. The top three teams of each group will advance to the next round while the last-placed teams will be eliminated.

The remaining 12 teams will again be divided into four groups, competing in a single round-robin format played in best-of-twos matches with Global Ban-Pick Rules. Teams that win 2-0 will get three points, 1-1 draws will garner one point, and losing 0-2 will result in no points at all. Only the top two teams from each group will qualify for the Knockout Stage.

The remaining eight teams will compete in the double-elimination bracket. Knockout Stage Round 1 matches will be played in best-of-five series, while all other matches will be played in best-of-sevens.

AIC 2022 participating teams

The KFC x Talon merch featuring Talon Esports' Arena of Valor roster
Credit: Talon Esports TH
Saigon PhantomAOG Spring (Vietnam)
V GamingAOG Spring (Vietnam)
Team FlashAOG Spring (Vietnam)
Bacon TimeRPL Summer (Thailand)
Talon EsportsPro Qualifier Thailand (Thailand)
Valencia CF EsportsPro Qualifier Thailand (Thailand)
Bikertopia EsportsGCS Spring (Taiwan)
ONE TeamGCS Spring (Taiwan)
MAD TeamGCS Spring (Taiwan)
Starry HopeAIC 2022 South Asia Qualifiers (Myanmar)
Cruzeiro / INFLUENCEPro League Brasil (Brazil)
Nova EsportsAIC 2022 Europe Qualifier
Kaos Next RuyaAIC 2022 Turkey Qualifiers (Turkey)
A Dope TeamSEA Wild Card Qualifier (USA) Dewa United
Dewa UnitedASL Spring (Indonesia)
TBDArabia Cup

AIC 2022 prize pool

AIC 2022 prize pool distribution
Credit: Garena RoV

AIC will have a US$2,000,000 prize pool, with the winning team taking home a whopping US$700,000.

Where to watch AIC 2022

All AIC matches will be broadcast live on Arena of Valor’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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