With only one more week left until the highly awaited Season 2 “Battle Charge”, Apex Legends is already seeing some physical changes in King’s Canyon.

The Repulsor Tower, sandwiched between the Hydro Dam and the Landing Pad, is now slowly spinning and with the Leviathans veering away from the location.

In case you didn’t know, the purpose of repulsor towers in Titanfall lore is to ward off alien wildlife in a certain vicinity, hence the response of the Leviathans. Respawn officially turned the tower back on in a public service announcement video.

Two Leviathans have been stationary in the waters near King’s Canyon ever since release, but earlier this month, they started to move towards the land. In addition to this, winged creatures called ‘flyers’ have started to appear in-game, carrying loot across all areas and can be shot down for some extra items.

Credit: EA and Respawn

EA also showcased two creatures in a Season 2 teaser earlier this month, but not much else has been revealed. There could possibly be a PvE mode against the Leviathans and flyers, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Apex Legend’s Battle Charge will go live on July 2.

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