South Korea’s SK Telecom is partnering with American company Comcast Spectator and will be joining the global esports ring as T1 Entertainment & Sports.

T1 Esports is looking to get a head start by establishing its Apex Legends team early and having them compete in current circuits like the UMG Legends Series, reported ESPN. Their Apex Legends roster includes Haydin “Zerg” Gordon, Brendan “BCJ” Jensen, and Kurtis “Kurt” Gallo who are all from North America.

“This is pretty incredible considering how I grew up playing League of Legends and being a big fan of SKT T1,” BcJ said to ESPN.

The choice of an Apex Legends team is an astute one, given that Respawn’s battle royale game’s explosive growth since its release only two months ago. There were already 50 million players last month, in contrast to Fortnite, which took 16 weeks to hit 45 million. Having a larger player base would mean more views which can translate to more sponsorship money as well.

The young trio have already racked up two big tournament wins. Their first victory was in the UMG Legends Series event on March 23 and the other was T1 Esports own T1xFACEIT Invitational, a joint promotion with streaming production company FACEIT last Saturday.

They took it upon themselves to make their mark as the best team in Apex Legends and definitely proved it racking up 294 eliminations, the most any team was able to reach in a four-hour span of the event.

With SKT T1 long-running success with popular game titles such as League of Legends, it’ll be interesting to see how their venture in other esports scene plays out.