A new Legend is about to enter the fray. Loba Andrade will be added to Apex Legends as the game’s 13th character when the game’s fifth season — Fortune’s Favor — drops on May 12.

Loba is a master thief who looks to enter the Apex Games on a vengeance trail leading toward Revenant, Season 4’s new character.

If Loba seems familiar, that’s because she was the little girl we saw orphaned in the Season 4 launch trailer — when Revenant targeted a certain Marcos Andrade and staged a vicious attack on him and his family at a posh restaurant.

Loba’s hatred towards the murderous simulacrum is obvious at the end of the latest Stories from the Outlands short, which shows her learning about Revenant’s whereabouts for the first time since the massacre of her family.


Little has been officially revealed about Lob other than her being “stylish, sophisticated, and resourceful”. Dataminers reveal that teleportation is among her unique abilities and the animation in her brief character preview appears to suggest similar space-jumping effects.

Aside from Loba’s arrival, EA has also teased features that Apex Legends players can expect from Season 5:

  • All-new Season Quests which promise great rewards upon completion
  • Series 4 of Ranked League play, which will add a reconnect option for players who drop out of matches due to an internet outage or game crash
  • More than 100 exclusive items such as Legendary skins, Apex Packs, all-new Battle Pass content, and more

Apex Legends Season 5 is arriving on May 12, a week later than originally intended. While waiting for the new chapter and Loba’s official debut, you can catch up with the game’s ongoing Battle Armor Event.

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