Battle royale Apex Legends is starting its second season with a spark, and features the character debut of Wattson, a Legend that specializes in electricity.

Natalie Paquette is a 22-year old French genius known for her engineering skill with electricity, hence her nickname, “Wattson“. Her father is the Apex Games’ lead electrical engineer and plays a big part in her backstory.

The newly-released character trailer showed off Wattson’s abilities: Perimeter Security, Spark of Genius, and her ultimate ability Interception Pylon.

Perimeter Security deals damage and slows down any enemy that passes through the electrified fences while her passive ability Spark of Genius fully charges Wattson’s ultimate ability when you use an Ultimate Accelerant. Spark of Genius also boosts the Perimeter Security recharge when a player is standing near an Interception Pylon.

Lastly, Wattson’s ultimate ability, Interception Pylon places an electrified pylon that destroys incoming projectiles and also repairs damaged shields. Players can set up a maximum of three pylons.

Wattson is headed to Apex Legends on July 2.

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