Don’t be silly and download a malware-infested Apex Legends APK from dodgy websites.

There’s no official mobile version of the popular battle royale game from Respawn yet, so anything being advertised or being available for download is likely to pump your phone full of viruses.

Cybersecurity site Kaspersky Labs has issued a warning, citing third-party sites and YouTube videos that show up on Google searches with links pointing “exclusively to third-party resources”, and that, Kaspersky says, should “cause alarm bells to jingle”.

What happens if you do download and install one of these “games”? You will have installed FakeFort Trojan, an ad-serving Trojan that cybercriminals have used for a fake version of Fortnite for Android. The malware will also try to download a set of dangerous apps, as well as spam users with surveys, ad banners and commercials.

Kaspersky recommends that you should only download apps from trusted sources, such as the Google Play store or an official website, or use the company’s free security solution that scans downloaded apps.