Apex Legends players rejoice — you’ll be getting something a new event very soon.

Respawn community manager Jay “Jayfresh” Frechette made the announcement of a new Apex Legends limited time event for June in a Reddit post last week.

“The Legendary Hunt” will start this Tuesday and will be available to play for the next two weeks.

Also included in the event is the “Apex Elite Queue”, and this new queuing format will allow the best of the best to face each other in a match. If you are able to get into the top five of any match, you can enter the new queue and go against other top five winners. To keep your elite status, you need to remain in the top five for your next match.

The Legendary Hunt will also feature new limited-time challenges that once completed, will reward dedicated players with new rare, epic, and legendary skins.

If you’re a collector of legendary skins, Respawn will have new Legendary Hunt themed skins that will rotate every 3-4 days in the store for direct purchase.

If you aren’t too keen to buy anything right now due to the lackluster Wild Frontier Battle Pass, Respawn has got you covered. For those who have the Battle Pass, they will automatically get two free legendary skins, the Honored Prey R-301 skin and the Wraith Night Terror Skin (if you reach level 15 on the Battle Pass before the end of the event).

Credit: EA and Respawn

The developers have also added incentives for those are a bit behind in their Battle Pass levels. Once per day, players will have the opportunity to earn a BP level by finishing in the top five in any match. On top of that, there will be a “double XP weekend” from June 7-10 for anyone who needs a quick and significant boost in experience.

Respawn also mentioned that it will be sharing details on the upcoming the Season 2 Battle Pass at the EA Play livestream on 1 a.m. June 9 (GMT+8).

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