Respawn Entertainment is putting a spooky spin on Apex Legends with a new limited-time event called Fight or Fright.

The special event makes some Halloween-themed changes to Kings Canyon, and adds a bunch of skins that will let you deck out your favorite legend in classic monster garb. It’s your beloved Apex Legends action — except with a Halloween-inspired vampire, witch, and zombie aesthetic.

Fight or Fright also introduces a special melee game mode called “Shadowfall,” which will let you go up against eerie, shadowy figures — with bonus XP up for grabs.

Take a sneak peek at the event with the trailer below:

Along with the Fight or Fright event, Respawn has announced some upcoming changes for the game:

While the arrival of new legend, Crypto, has been much quite positive, the addition of the powerful new Charge Rifle to the game’s weapons arsenal has been a more divisive topic. Dealing up to 90 damage in total, the Charge Rifle is undoubtedly formidable, but arguably OP.

Fortunately, Respawn appears to be listening closely to player complaints, as game devs are already hinting at an undated “Charge Rifle weapon balance” tweak on their game update Trello tracker.

Another update Apex Legends players can expect based on Respawn’s Trello board is an improved experience involving “deathboxes” — the crates of items that players leave behind when they die. The upcoming tweak will enable players to toggle whether the looting menu stays open when the player takes fire while looting.

Finally, if you’ve ever gotten frustrated that you can’t experiment with new legends or game strategies in a low-stakes environment in Apex Legends, an improved training mode is on the way.

The new “firing range” is designed especially for that purpose. The new training mode is a leap ahead of the game’s existing “training mode,” which only works to prepare new players for their first match. Like the rest of the updates teased above though, there’s no timetable yet for this often requested update.

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