Apex Legends Season 3, titled Meltdown, will launch on October 1, bringing a new legend, the hacker Crypto, and the new Charge Rifle weapon into the fray.

Headlining the additions introduced in Season 3 is Crypto, whose abilities let him deploy specialized surveillance drones to keep an eye on the fight while staying out of sight himself, letting him wait for the perfect opportunity to strike.

While his full skillset has not yet been revealed, his origin story as a hacker looking for vengeance was the subject of another installment of Stories from the Outlands, titled “Forever Family.”

The Charge Rifle will also be added to the arsenal of weapons players can use in the upcoming season, with its directed-energy fire letting them carve a path of destruction through the battlefield.

Season 3 will also come with a new battle pass, with over 100 exclusive items including Legendary skins, Apex Packs, and other content available for their owners.

Season 2 of the Apex Legends Ranked League will drop alongside Season 3 of the game as well, bringing improvements to the scoring system implemented from Season 1 as well as a soft reset for player ranks to continue the grind.

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