Apex Legends now has an even better user interface thanks to its recent 1.1 patch update, which dropped yesterday.

The new updates now gives more options to improve your player interaction experience, for example, such as letting players can now invite their previous squad mates within the game lobby, turning random player encounters into possible squad buddies in just one invite.

Apex Legends, an online Battle Royale game that features characters with unique offensive and defensive skills, has received positive reception from critics and players thanks to its innovative communication system and unique movement set.

Credit: Respawn

Other notable additions include the option to turn on/off invites in the friends menu in case you want to go solo without any interruptions.

Another small, yet essential addition within the update is the Mute button during the intro and selection screen of a match. Long gone are the days of you queuing in, only to be met with a squad mate with no sense of volume control.

Gameplay bugs were also fixed, and players can also report cheaters more easily. PC gamers who have been encountering crashes will also get more information, and a fatal script error bug for those on the PS4 and Xbox One using a keyboard has also been squashed.

Check out the full patch notes here.