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Introducing the Ninja Kamui characters.

In this original Japanese anime series from E&H Production and Sola Entertainment, fans witness a shadowy realm where ninjas relentlessly pursue each other.

Ninja Kamui official key art showing Joe Higan, a featured image for ONE Esports review article, "Does Ninja Kamui fill the void left by Jujutsu Kaisen?"
Credit: Adult Swim
Ninja Kamui review: Does this brutal ninja series fill the void left by Jujutsu Kaisen?

Following its premiere on February 11 on Adult Swim, the dark and gritty anime series finally unveiled its characters.

We’ve compiled a cast list, complete with their seiyuu, voice actors, and detailed character descriptions.

All Ninja Kamui characters in the anime

Ninja Kamui character screenshot from the show's trailer
Credit: Adult Swim

Ninja Kamui unfolds as a revenge story brimming with gripping combat and action scenes.

Director Songhoo Park, renowned for his work on Jujutsu Kaisen season 1 and the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie, helms the anime.

Ninja Kamui official key art showing Joe Higan, a featured image for ONE Esports article, "All Ninja Kamui episodes and where to watch them"
Credit: Adult Swim
All Ninja Kamui episodes and where to watch them
Joe Logan/Joe HiganKenjiro TsudaJeremy GeeAn ex-ninja who goes on a journey to avenge his family.
Sara LoganYuriko HinoChaney MooreJoe’s wife.
Kyle LoganArata KimuraNoble HutchisonJoe and Sara’s son.
Mike MorissAtsushi OnoShawn HamiltonFBI agent investigating the deaths of Joe’s family.
Emma SamandaYuki WakaiLuci ChristianFBI agent partnered with Mike Moriss.
Boss NinjaTomoyuki ShimuraTBAHead ninja who hunted down Joe and his family.
YamajiKazuhiro YamajiLuis GalindoHigan’s former master.
ZaiYuichi NakamuraJames MarlerA ninja going after Higan.
KagariTakaya HashiSean Patric JudgeA doctor from the ninja underworld.
LilSetsuji SatoBrandon HearnbergerAn unpredictable assassin who relies on technology in combat.
JosephTatsumaru TachibanaScott Gibbs
An AUZA tech company executive, partnering with Yamaji to supply cutting-edge technology to the ninjas.
DillyRomi ParkElissa CuellarJoseph’s bodyguard.
Big DKosuke SakakiJoe PAn African American ninja with cybernetic implants.
Elder LeaderTakayuki SugoDavid HarboldThe former leader of the ninja clan, who initiated Higan, Mari, and Zai into the group.
Jason Cardenasakashi NagasakoJoe DanielsTakashi Nagasako
Hospital doctorNaoyuki ShimozuruTBADoctor who treated Joe in episode 1.
NewscasterEmiko TakeuchiTBANewscaster who reported the sudden murders in episode 1.

Where to watch Ninja Kamui

Ninja Kamui screenshot from the show's trailer
Credit: Adult Swim

Viewers can catch Ninja Kamui on Adult Swim’s official website and on Max’s streaming platform.

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Availability on Adult Swim and Max may vary depending on your region.

Ninja Kamui trailer

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