Jinhsi is a new 5-star character in Wuthering Waves. She is an incredibly powerful DPS character who can deal Spectro damage by summoning a blue Chinese dragon. 

Jinhsi is easily one of the most anticipated 5-star characters in Wuthering Waves, and if you’re looking to add her to your party, you have come to the right place. 

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In this ONE Esports guide, we share all the Jinshi materials you need to farm, alongside details such as the best farming routes and locations. 

Full list of Jinhsi materials in Wuthering Waves

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The primary ascension and forte materials for Jinhsi in Wuthering Waves are Elegy Tacet Core and Sentinel’s Dagger, respectively. 

Below is the list of all Jinhsi ascension and forte materials you need to farm in Wuthering Waves. 

All Jinhsi ascension materials 

To max out Jinhsi’s character level, you will need the following materials: 

  • 46 Elegy Tacet Core 
  • 60 Gloom Slough
  • 4 FF Howler Core
  • 12 HF Howler Core  
  • 12 MF Howler Core
  • 170,000 Shell Credits

Best farming spots for Jinhsi’s ascension materials

You can get Elegy Tacet Core by defeating the Mourning Aix boss in Whining Aix’s Mire. 

As for Gloom Slough, you can find it in the Dim Forest, particularly in its Giant Banyan and Forbidden Forest areas. 

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You can get all Core materials by defeating various overworld enemies. These should be the easiest to farm. 

All Jinhsi forte materials

To max out Jinhsi’s skills, you will need the following materials: 

  • 57 FF Howler Core
  • 25 LF Howler Core
  • 40 HF Howler Core
  • 28 MF Howler Core
  • 26 Sentinel’s Dagger 
  • 20,300,000 Shell Credits
  • 25 Waveform Residue 210 
  • 28 Waveform Residue 226
  • 55 Waveform Residue 235
  • 67 Waveform Residue 239
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Best farming spots for Jinhsi’s forte materials

You can farm Sentinel’s Dagger by farming a weekly boss named Jue, though it has yet to arrive in the game. 

For Waveform Residue, we recommend doing Forgery Challenge: Eroded Ruins.

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