Riot Games has released another Dev Diary video for Valorant in which they state they want players to figure out the game for themselves instead of waiting for patches to balance the game.

Valorant Design Lead, Trevor “Classick” Romleski, and Senior Game Designer, Salvatore “Volcano” Grazzo both explained the decisions they’ve made in the development process of the game, and how they plan to balance the game in future patches.

With Valorant’s beta release in North America and Europe on April 7, more players are starting to figure out what type of weapons, agents, and strategies works best in competitive play. This has led to some players asking for specific balance changes, such as nerfing the seemingly OP Raze.

However, Romleski stated that the developers “want to take an approach where we’re not knee-jerk reacting to whatever we see on a forum or whatever social platform.” He also mentioned that he wants players to be able to problem-solve and use all the systems and content in the game to figure things out for themselves.

“We have to figure out when is it the right time to step in and introduce a patch versus when would it be better to let things take their course and have players figure things out on their own,” Grazzo added.

The developers also stated that they want to make sure that all of the time players spend practicing, learning, and memorizing parts of the game won’t go to waste, which means Valorant won’t have any patches that would change the game dramatically in the near future.

“We want to respect the amount of time you’ve put into the game,” said Romleski.

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