How are you supposed to win a round in Valorant when you, and the rest of your team, is already dead?

Allow Reddit user, kray_wdym, to show you.

At the start of the very first round of this Valorant match, kray and his teammates managed to plant the Spike at the C Site. But they were quickly eliminated by the last two members of the opposing team with more than enough time to secure the defuse.

Before kray was eliminated, however, he shot two Sova Shock Bolts directly above the Spike. Sova’s Shock Bolts detonate upon collision, which would damage nearby enemy agents. Right when the enemy team was securing the defuse, the first Shock Bolt landed and eliminated the first defuser. After a brief delay, the second Shock Bolt then killed the last defender agent, securing the round for kray’s team.

Both Shock Bolts’ land timings were absolutely perfect and there was absolutely no way for the opposing team to avoid them, because they didn’t see them get shot.

Valorant’s worldwide launch on June 2 is fast approaching. And players are trying to play as many matches as possible, with the closed beta period finally ending on May 28.

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