Riot Games has revealed its longterm plans for Valorant, including a plan to release up to six new Agents and two maps for the game every year.

Valorant executive producer, Anna Donlon, talked about what lies on the horizon for the game in another developer diary video.

Donlon revealed that Valorant’s game calendar is split into Episodes, with each lasting around six months.

Each of Valorant’s episodes will also include three Acts and will be Riot’s platform for introducing larger changes to the game, such as new Agents, maps, or mechanics.

The three Acts for each Episode won’t introduce many major changes, but will instead focus on quality-of-life changes and balance tweaks.

Donlon also revealed that some of the changes that may be coming soon to Valorant, including options for rematches, timeouts in between rounds, and more.

However, Donlon also pointed out that since Valorant’s developers are all working from home due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, these plans are not quite set in stone for now. With that said, Donlon added that the dev team is open to adjusting the pace at which they introduce changes should fans think it’s too fast or slow.

Alongside revealing the game’s longterm plans, the developer diary also ended with a teaser for a new agent to come with the second act of Valorant’s first Episode:

Credit: Riot Games

You can watch the full dev diary here:

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