American CS:GO pro Gage “Infinite” Green has announced that he is retiring from CS:GO and will be switching to Valorant.

“I will always love Counter-Strike and I’m grateful for the opportunity and experiences I had as a result of playing the game. Moving forward, I’m looking to Valorant as a chance to reinvent myself. I have grown a lot as both a player and a person through my journey in CS and I hope to further my personal growth in Valorant,” said Infinite in his announcement on his personal Twitter account.

Infinite has been active in the North American CS:GO scene since 2017 as the rifler for teams such as Etherian E-Sports, Team Dignitas, Spacestation Gaming, and Lazarus Esports.

Infinite last played under Canadian team, Orgless, back in April and left the team after they finished Flashpoint Season 1 at 5th-6th place.

Infinite cited the instability of the North American CS:GO scene as the reason for his switch to Valorant. It is worth noting that more and more CS:GO pros from the region, such as Ryan “freakazoid” Abadir, Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro, and Victor “Food” Wong, have switched to Valorant in the hopes of finding greener pastures.

“Unfortunately, with the current ecosystem of North American CS, it has become increasingly difficult to continue playing the game as a main source of income,” said Infinite.

While Valorant is still just a month into its closed beta phase, the hype surrounding the game has been phenomenal. Big-name players from other shooter games like CS:GO, Apex Legends, and Overwatch are already trying their luck in Valorant’s fledgling competitive scene, well ahead of its expected rise to a top-tier esport.

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