Tekken 7 newest character, Fahkumram, is available now.

Hailing from Thailand, Fahkumram defeats his opponents with his native combat sports, Muay Boran and Muay Thai. Let’s take a quick look at what the Thai fight specialist brings to the world of Tekken.


Fahkumram is a heavy-hitter when it comes to his neutral moves. Some of his basic attacks have a charge mechanic that automatically wall-stuns opponents. This is a great technique for finding a quick combo when pressuring at the wall.

As for his wall-carry potential, Fahkumram can utilize different moves such as Feint Strike (df1 [2,1]) to flip the enemy for more air-time, leaving the corkscrew for the end of the combo.

In Adreij “Doujin” Albar’s practice clip, Fahkumram traverses the stage incredibly well with successive moves into ground-break and wall-stun.


Fahkumram also has a handful of Rage Drives available. The double-knee strike to dive kick RD (uf3+4) works similarly to Kazuya’s RD, automatically breaking floors for a finishing combo.

As for his in-combo sweep RD (4, [3,3+4] OR 3, [4,3+4]), this version allows players to have a powerful mix-up that will guarantee a corkscrew for a follow-up.

As for trademark moves, his d2 punch is actually an elbow hit, meaning that it can’t be low-parried. Although it may be a simple homage to Fahkumram’s Muay Thai roots, it can be a useful tool in breaking the momentum of an opponent without risking a low parry.


With the wide array of cancel and delay moves that Fahkumram has in his arsenal, he lacks a basic hopkick (uf3/4) and basic uppercut (df2). This might be a minor setback for those who are used to playing other characters. As previously shown, Fahkumram has a unique move-set that might be difficult to decipher at face value.

As for his moves, Fahkumram tends to get a bit linear when pressuring with his push kicks. As seen in Kim “JDCR” Hyunjin’s clip below, both Fahkumrams easily sidestepped the charge-up push kick, leaving enough time for a full juggle-punish.

Fighting against Fahkumram

Although Fahkumram may be a terrifying character to face, you can easily dismantle him by working off of his charge attacks.

While they may knock you back on block, it’ll give you enough space to set up a jab string that Fahkumram might walk into.

Another option is to move around his charged moves. Seeing as how they take a solid second or two, you can easily interrupt the move or sidestep for a whiff punish.

You also have to watch out for Fahkumram’s cheesiest move, the Ramasura (df1, [4,3], 2).

This move can be seen as Fahkumram’s version of the hellsweep, easily clearing opponents off their feet for a quick combo. This move is very versatile, having different button inputs for each leg and even having RD, crouching, and running versions.

To avoid this annoying move, look out for the rotation of his body right before the sweep.

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