Along with new characters, Gill and Seth, Street Fighter V’s Champion Edition update brings with it new V-skill abilities for every member of the cast.

Some of the pro-scene’s top players including Daigo Umehara, Yeh “HotDog29” Man Ho, and Ho “Xian” Kun Xian have already been experimenting with the best setups and combos for every new V-skill.

Abigail’s V-Skill II: C’mon Spare Tire

Abigail’s V-Skill 2 summons a rolling tire behind him. The tire can be sped up or made to bounce into the air after the player attacks it.

A lot of players have been using the move to apply pressure and as a distance closer by moving in behind the tire.

Akuma’s V-Skill II: Kiai

Akuma’s Kiai is a ground stomp that knocks the opponents into the air.

The move has a very quick start-up and keeps the opponent in a juggled state. It also continuously charge the player’s V-Guage when the buttons are held.

Popular YouTuber, Desk, has been showing off some of the massive combo potential with the ability.

Alex’s V-Skill II: Overchain

Overchain allows Alex to chain together two special attacks in rapid succession. However, the effect is lost if Alex is hit or if he uses a special move without chaining it with another special move.

The ability is perfect for keeping opponents unaware of what is coming next.

Balrog’s V-Skill II: FFB

Balrog’s new V-skill 2 is a swaying motion that massively improves the distance of Balrog’s charge moves.

The skill is perfect for closing the distance against opponents and is also safe on block, as demonstrated by US pro, Brian “Brian_F” Foster.

Birdie’s V-Skill II: Chewing Time

Birdie’s V-Skill 2 lets him chews a bubble gum to generate V-Gauge. The bubble can be expanded and used as a shield or even thrown into the air as a projectile from various trajectories.

The fully blown version has a massive hitbox and can be used to block fireballs.

Blanka’s V-Skill II: Shout of Earth

Shout of Earth is a charge up move that allows Blanka to fire a shockwave through the ground, similar to Necalli’s “Culminated Power” V-Skill I.

The ability can be charged for more distance and improved juggling.

Cammy’s V-Skill II: Spinning Attack

Cammy’s V-skill 2 unlocks a spinning kick that moves her backward. It can be used to go over low attacks and can even land Crush Counters when timed properly.

Daigo has been abusing the move as an almost completely safe neutral game poke.

Chun-Li’s V-Skill II: Hazanshu

Hazanshu is a somersault kick that vaults the player forward to the opponent. The move is best used to evade incoming projectiles when thrown at mid to close range.

The kick will also knock down the opponent, which can be used for wake-up pressure or setups.

Cody’s V-Skill II: Crime Sway

Cody’s Crime Sway gives him two types of dodges. The first dodges high and mid attacks, while the second avoid low attacks.

Successful dodges leave opponents vulnerable to counter attacks.

Dhalsim’s V-Skill II: Yoga Deep Breath

Dhalsim’s Yoga Deep Breath is essentially a powered up Yoga Fire that can be powered up in mid-air.

The new powered-up fireball gains an additional hit and bounces off the ground.

Brazilian pro, Renato “DidimoKOF” Martins has been showing off some sick setups with the skill, lobbing the fireball towards the back of the opponent for a near unblockable attack that hits simultaneously from both sides.

E. Honda’s V-Skill II: Sumo Spirit

Sumo Spirit buffs E. Honda’s Hundred Hand Slap with increased damage and increases his recovery frames on hit.

The EX version of Hundred Hands gives even more recovery, which allows the player to combo into a standing medium kick, resulting in ridiculous damage potential, as shown off by Eduardo “PR Balrog” Perez.

Ed’s V-Skill II: Psycho Swing/Psycho Smash

The Psycho Swing is a spinning overhand punch that knocks down the opponent. Meanwhile, the Psycho Smash is an uppercut punch that launches the opponent into the air.

The Psycho Swing can be used when the player is standing, while the Psycho Smash is thrown while in the crouched position.

Kim “The4philzz” Badiabio used both to great effect in this match against Benjamin “Problem X” Simon’s Abigail.

Falke’s V-Skill II: Psycho Mine

Falke’s Psycho Mine generates a purple orb that blows up after a certain time or can be triggered by Falke touching it.

It can be used as an anti-air, a cross-up setup, a corner trap, and a combo extender.

F.A.N.G’s V-Skill II: Sodokubu

Sodokubu is a parry move that ends with a counter-attack that poisons the opponent. The move builds up decent V-Gauge and does good damage, but it can’t extend combos even with V-Trigger activation.

Although, some F.A.N.G pros like Ricardo “MonoPR” Ithier and JungSoo “SigurRos” Kim have voiced their dislike for the character’s new V-Skill II, since the taunt animation after the parry leaves the player vulnerable to attacks.

G’s V-Skill II: G Protection

G’s Protection buffs the “Presidantiality” powerup even after being knocked down, which will keep his G Charge intact.

It also gives a damage reduction boost.

Gill’s V-Skill I: Divine Comet, V-Skill II: Blocking

Divine Comet summons an ice or fire-themed projectile based on Gill’s chosen V-Trigger.

Daigo has been playing Gill recently, and has been using the move as an opener for a big combo.

Guile’s V-Skill II: Sonic Dive

Credit: Desk

Sonic Dive allows the player to perform a short hop forward then a Sonic Boom, similar to Akuma’s air fireball.

Desk has been showing off some combo setups using Sonic Dive to extend combos, especially when the opponent is trapped in the corner.

Ibuki’s V-Skill II: Makibishi

Ibuki’s V skill 2 throws caltrops in front of her. They stay on the ground with a hitbox similar to Birdie’s Banana Peel.

The ability can be charged and once fully charged, Ibuki drops three caltrops, which stay on the ground. Ho “Xian” Kun Xian has been showing off some interesting setups combining the skill with Ibuki’s Kasumikage (forward dash) ability, which crosses up opponents’ block attempts.

Juri’s V-Skill II: Fuha Enzan

Juri’s Fuha Enzan throws out a slow-moving whirlwind projectile that stays active for a second. Similar to Juri’s other projectiles, the move needs to be charged up before being thrown.

The move can be used to extend combos or keep opponents guessing after hard knockdowns.

Kage’s V-Skill II: Sekieiken

Sekieiken is a dive attack that pushes the opponent away, making it safe on block.

The V-skill can also be used to extend combos as the Sekieiken puts opponents in a juggled state.

Karin’s V-Skill II: Fudo Sosho

Karin’s V-skill 2 is a palm thrust attack that can be charged. When timed correctly, the move can nullify projectiles and other attacks.

It will also land a Crush Counter on counter hit.

Ken’s V-Skill II: Ryusenkyaku

Ken’s new v-skill is a projectile traversing flip kick that can be charged for more frame advantage on block and hit. The move vaults over fireballs and can be finished with a Dragon Punch after.

A sufficiently charged Ryusenkyaku improves Ken’s recovery, which allows the player to extend combos.

Kolin’s V-Skill II: Glacier Through

Glacier Through is a command grab performed while Kolin is slightly moving forward, which improves its range. It also leaves the opponent in a frozen state, which stops their stun meter recovery.

Credit: SFV and Twitter user wauhti

The move is incredibly effective when paired with Kolin’s Vanity Step since players can cancel the move halfway and continue with the command grab.

Look out for Part 2 of this feature tomorrow, with the rest of the cast.