The SEA Major, held in Singapore last weekend, was the last Capcom Pro Tour event of the year in Asia. With a US$15,000 prize pool and 700 CPT points up for grabs to the winner, the tournament was stacked with Asia’s top talent.

Here are all the best plays.

Kichipa-Mu vs Dogura (Pools)

Hiroki “Kichipa-Mu” Asano has been having a breakout season and put on another unbelievable performance at the SEA Major, defeating multiple top contenders with his signature Zangief.

Fuudo vs KofMaster (Pools)

Eventual tournament winner, Keita “Fuudo” Ai, was in MVP form all weekend, dominating the tournament from start to finish with incredible plays like this huge comeback win against Ng Suk “KOFMaster” Sian.

Hotdog29 vs TravisStyles (Pools)

Yeh “Hotdog29” Man Ho gave us a quick preview of his insane V-Trigger mix-up set up against Travis Styles. He then did the same mix-up against Ren “Johnny” Sato, where he pulled off an unbelievable comeback win.

John Takeuchi vs Xiao Hai (Pools)

Takeuchi “John Takeuchi” Ryota showed off his insane reaction speed by reacting to Xiao Hai’s V-Reversal and immediately countering it.

Fuudo vs Moke (Top 32)

Fuudo’s reactions were on point with Birdie as well. He was able to react fast enough to catch Naoki “Moke” Nakayama throwing a projectile and landed a Bull Horn into Critical Art.

Hotdog29 vs Xian (Top 16)

Hotdog29 continued his tournament run by landing a Psycho Crusher cross-up on wake-up against the local favorite, Kun Xian “Xian” Ho.

Fuudo vs Luffy (Top 16)

In this R. Mika mirror match between Fuudo and Oliver “Luffy” Hay, Fuudo was able to win the first set on a pixel of health by using a season one gimmick play.

Mago vs Fujimura (Top 16)

Kenryo “Mago” Hayashi had the pop off of the tournament, going Super Saiyan after he defeated Fujimura “Fujimura” Atsushi 2-0 during their winners’ quarter-final match.

Fuudo vs Hotdog29 (Top 8)

Fuudo demonstrated his knowledge of the R.Mika – M.Bison matchup by using his V-Trigger activation to catch Hotdog29’s V-Reversal, leading to a knockdown that ultimately ended the game.

Kichipa-Mu vs Mago (Top 8)

Kichipa-Mu continued to show why many people now consider him the best Zangief in the world, using his V-Skill to tremendous effect against Mago.

Gachikun vs Fujimura (Top 8)

Kanamori “Gachikun” vs Fujimura was an exciting match between two top SFV players. Both players pulled out every trick in their arsenal in this match, but it was Gachikun that emerged victorious in the end.

Kichipa-Mu vs Gachikun (Losers final)

Kichipa-Mu secured one of the best comebacks of the tournament against Gachikun in their losers final match.

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