Ireland’s Celtic Throwdown CPT Premiere event was stacked with amazing talent from around the world resulting in tons of jaw-dropping highlights. Here are our favorites.

John Takeuchi vs Punk (Losers quarterfinals)

In this match from the losers quarters, Takeuchi “John Takeuchi” Ryota, managed to trap Victor “Punk” Woodley in the corner.

With a few hits away from winning the round, John Takeuchi activated his V-Trigger and moved in. Punk managed to land a counterhit but got hit by Rashi’d Ysaar V-Trigger in return. John Takeuchi then followed up with an ex-Spinning Mixer to stun Punk, which somehow almost broke the game.

Fortunately, John Takeuchi was able to secure the win before the “Unsupported Signal” became an issue.

John Takeuchi vs Ryusei (Top 24)

John Takeuchi showed everyone his incredible defensive skills against Ryusei “Ryusei” Ito.

John Takeuchi was able to block multiple attacks, including two sets of Aegis Reflector V-Triggers from Urien. He even did a throw escape and then anti-aired Urien’s Knee Drop to close out the set.

Ryusei vs Hotdog29 (Pools)

In this match from pools, Ryusei was on the verge of losing against Ye Man “Hotdog29” Ho.

Despite having hardly any life left, Ryusei rushed down Hotdog29 and began a scramble sequence that had the Bison player back-dashing on every wake-up. Hotdog threw out a desperation slide, which Ryusei easily punished to win the round.

Bonchan vs Itabashi Zangief (Pools)

Masato “Bonchan” Takahashi may have won the tournament with his Karin, but he showed everyone that his Sagat is top tier as well.

With both players being at match point, Bonchan put together a superb display of spacing and whiff punishes.

Punk vs Ditn (Pools)

Victor “Punk” Woodley showed off his god-like reaction speed by punishing Ditn‘s V-Skill attack with an amazing Critical Art to finish the game.

Dogura vs Infexious (Pools)

Ryo “Dogura” Nozaki showed off some Urien V-Trigger setups in this match against DC “Infexious” Coleman.

After swapping sides with Infexious, he let Zeku land on an active Aegis Reflector while simultaneously doing a Headbutt. It looked like Urien was going to land on the other side but didn’t.

GO1 vs Luffy (Pools)

While he’s better known as a Dragon Ball FighterZ player, Goichi “GO1” Kishida, can also play SFV at a high-level, showcasing his skills here against Evo 2014 champion, Oliver “Luffy” Hay.

GO1 poked Luffy towards the corner, where he finished the set with a counter-hit into a Critical Art.

NL vs Bonchan (Winners final)

Sim “NL” Gun showed off this sick Akuma mixup in the winners final against Bonchan by activating his V-Trigger, throwing air-fireballs and then crossing up Bonchan to finish out the round.

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