You know a game is big in a country when a national tournament rakes in a prize pool of approximately US$210,000. In Indian currency, that’s INR1.5 crore (or 15 million) — quite a bit of money.

That’s how much is up for grabs at the PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019. 

The tournament kicked off in July this year and is now building up a full head of steam towards a grand finale scheduled for October 20 in Kolkata.

While the countdown continues, learn more about the tournament below:

1. The India Tour specifically focuses on getting more players on board from the remote parts of the country. Regional playoffs are scheduled for cities like Jaipur, Pune, Vizag, and Guwahati — cities located far from India’s biggest metro areas.

2. The tournament is co-presented by mobile device manufacturer Oppo.

3. The tournament welcomes any India-based PUBG Mobile player whose account that is above Tier Platinum V or level 20. Players can create or join squads to participate.

4. Games were played across all four maps and multiple rounds. These games were also a mix of first-person and third-person modes for a comprehensive experience.

5. In-game qualifiers, online playoffs, and group finals have been completed for Groups A and B (Jaipur and Guwahati). Group C (Pune) is scheduled to play its group final on September 22, while Group D (Vizag) will play round 2 of its online playoffs on September 17-21 before entering the group final stage on October 6.

6. At the end of the group finals stage, only four squads from each zone will be left standing. That will make it 16 squads left out of approximately 2,000 registered squads.

7. There is also a Wild Card round, scheduled for October 8-11, that will have 64 wild card entries from all the four zones battling it out for four additional spots in the finals. This will set the stage for a final battle royale among a total of 20 squads.

8. The team that wins it all will walk away with approximately US$70,000. The second placers will split US$28,000 and for third spot, US$14,000. Main prizes aside, all 20 teams that make it to the grand finals will receive a predetermined cash amount.

9. There are special prizes for squads that get the most kills and the most grenade kills — amounting to roughly US$1,400 for each winner. Individual players can get US$700 for earning the most MVPs, highest damage scores, maximum foot travel, and the most headshots. These special awards will only count achievements in games played at the grand finals. There’s also a US$14,000 special prize for the most popular team, voted by the people watching.

10. Squads in the grand finals will get US$35,000 worth of logistical support and US$14,000 of PUBG Mobile game paraphernalia.

Check out some of the highlights from the Jaipur (Group A) group final event below:

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